Friday, 27 May 2011

Hot bread and homemade soup

I made bread today..... It was just a packet mix gf (on special) but boy was it good!

My sister came over and I got to play with my gorgeous nephew, always guaranteed to make you smile. We had the capsicum soup I made yesterday (see yesterdays blog for recipe) with some lovely warm, hot bread! The bread was steaming when we spread the butter onto it! Yummy!

It was so nice to have hot, nice bread to dunk into some hardy, homemade soup. The best thing about the bread was that fresh from the oven, it didn't actually taste like gf bread. My sister enjoyed the bread as much as I did, then she had a bit when it had cooled down. The GF taste was back! Yuck!

Tomorrow I will use the rest of the bread for toast or toasted sandwiches, because it will have that chewy, glue like texture that gf bread does, unless it is steamy hot. And I will savour the flavour of that fresh bread straight from the oven.

Recipe of the Day
Beef Stroganoff

I got this recipe from Taste, here is the link for the recipe
 I used chuck steak not rump much cheaper I follwed all steps of recipe but once everything was cooked, I transferred to the slow cooker for 6 hours! Meat was beautiful! I did have to add more water and stock and additional tomato paste, make sure you check it after a few hours and add more water etc as needed.

I also had this with gf corn and rice pasta. I was a bit cautious, but it actually tasted rather nice! Better than other pasta I have tried, just be careful not to over cook it!

The restaurant of the week will be in tomorrows post!