Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Ask before you eat

BD (before diagnosis) I would enter a party, baby shower etc, and go straight for the food table and nibble away at the food, without any concerns (obviously it would effect me later if there was gluten in it, but I didn't know, so ignorance was bliss!).

Now when I enter a party etc I do still gravitate to the food table and peruse the food to see what, if anything I can eat. I ensure that I take some gf food, as it may be the only food that I can eat.

At this particular friends baby shower, I said my hellos to everyone and gravitated to the food table armed with my gf brownies. I scanned the food table to determine what I could eat. I soon spotted some rather yummy looking thai fish cake balls (I'm sure its not the correct name), they looked sooo good! I asked the sister hosting the party if she knew who made them and if there were breadcrumbs or flour in them. 'Ahh no I don't think so'.

Now logic should have prevailed and I should have found the lady who made them to double check.....But.... I just wanted to eat them and I was taking any little hint I could that I was able too! They were delicious and I must have had about 5 or 6 before I wandered up to the cook to ask what was in them. I was having fun guessing the different ingredients until she told me there were breadcrumbs!!

Holy Crap!!!!!

I'd just ingested a fair amount of gluten filled food, particularly considering a previous reaction I had to 1 chicken nugget, I was crapping myself!.

After the initial period of stressing, I figured there was nothing I could do about it but wait for the reaction.

Amazingly I only had a mild case of the puffer fish, with no massive ramifications! Very lucky for me.

The morale of the story, no matter how much the food looks good, check the ingredients with the cook before indulging!