Tuesday, 14 August 2012

What do you miss eating?

 Over the past 2 years of being a coeliac and following the diet, I feel comfortable with it and how it works for me.  No matter how much I tell myself I am ok with my diet, there are times when I just wish I could eat a normal diet, to pick something delicious without thinking about it.

It got me thinking what gluten filled food do you miss the most? Lately Ive been looking at my husband eating some delicious cake or pastery or even a pie from the bakery and I miss that.  I live in a relative small semi rural town where the bakeries don't make gf cakes. I decided the other day while buying my husband a apple tart, that I would get a meringue, the only gf item in the bakery. I was most disappointed to discover that this rather sweet treat is targeted to children who love the blue sugary texture, not my cup of tea.

I was talking to a friend who had recently travelled to France and was listening to all the beautiful pastries and cakes he and his family had eaten. It got me thinking how would I go travelling overseas as a coeliac, to be in France and not to eat a crossiant! To travel to Italy and not to sample the famous pasta and pizza!

It is one of those times when you  wish that a cure for this autoimmune disease comes about, just imagine what our life's would be like!

My question to you my readers is what food do you miss the most? If there was a cure tomorrow what would you eat? If you have travelled overseas on a gluten free diet let me know how hard it was for you.