Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Yummy and healthy gf and dairy free treats and awesome Aussie lollies

I recently had a wonderful surprise package from the lovely people at Candy Brokers Australia, stockiest of Florida Natural Products! It was full of a variety of healthy and fun, lollies we all love to eat! It was like Christmas! She sent this to me out of the kindness of her heart! My favorite was the strawberry popping candy, it brought me back to my childhood!, there was cola popping candy, bubblegum clouds ( my husbands favourite), then the healthy snacks, strawberry and a variety pack of natural gluten and dairy free snacks, fruit juice nuggets and natural Mario brothers jellies. The best thing about the nuggets and jellies were they were in individual packets, perfect for lunch boxes, snacks and party treats (without sharing the germs). The fruit based nuggets are targeted for children, but definately something big kids like too. I shared both the strawberry and mixed treats with a few adults who were pleasantly surprisrd by the tasty flavour, made even better by it being almost fat free! Its something that I would recommend all coeliacs to buy a packet of these nuggets, it's something to have on your handbag or lunch box, just to snack on. For those times when your going out and aren't too sure on the availability of gf food, it's definately easy to pack and yummy to eat! I was caught out on the way to an appointment a few weeks ago, a great friend was taking me and we were turned round on freeway due to a fire! Consequently a 30min trip took 1.5hrs! Fortunately I had grabbed 2 packets of strawberry nuggets and stuffed them in my handbag, this was our snack and got us through, both myself and my friend loved them! I gave several of the packets of nuggets and jellies to my Aunty for her grandchildren and a friend with a young 3 year old to eat! The consenus from cousins children was that they liked the treats, they tasted good and the best thing was they had no idea how healthy these tasty new treats were. Unfortunately my friends 3rd old wasn't that fussed but he doesn't like sweet things, his mum and nan loved them though. My friend was happy to try then on her child as they were all natural, preservative, gluten and dairy free! This is so Thing that is important, particularly if your child reacts adversely to sugar filled treats and runs around all hyped up after eating sugar filled treats! You can find and follow the makers of these great products on Facebook under candy brokers Australia. They also have a great selection of lollies etc which we shouldn't eat daily but are a great treat! They also have a fantastic website candy brokers Australia, which lists all their products! The best is they have a gluten and sugar free section, makes selection for parties etc so much easier. There is also a locator to find the neariest stockiest to you or email them and they can arrange something for you! So next time your on Facebook or indeed online, check out their website and see if you can find what you like! A 5 star recommendation from me, a new staple in my cupboard!