Saturday, 30 July 2011

More gf choices please

My lovely sister and adorable nephew took me to a round of appointments and we managed to have a coffee and cake!

We choice a place that has gf options but all there were was 2! Almond and chocolate friend, needless to say I went the chocolate!!

But my sister on a non gf diet had so many options, now I know it's not hard to cook gluten free and I just can't understand why there is only 2 options!

I love cooking gf cakes etc and there is a massive variety that can be cooked and very easily, and I know that people wouldn't mind paying a little bit extra, we all know the flour etc isn't exactly cheap!

But wow, just to have the options! Maybe I should set up something where my lovely readers can buy gf treats on my blog, just a thought.

And despite a spasm this morning, and a massive day sleep thanks poppa smurf for letting me rest!, I managed to cook dinner, a variations of my great grans rissoles! It was a great feeling! They turned out a bit small, but tasted good, so next time I will post the recipe with pictures and all, and make them bigger!

Here's to a world where there are more gf options at cafes etc, please let ne know what the options are like in, your country!