Friday, 3 June 2011

A challenge

I was out with my oldest friend today for her birthday and we got to chatting about gf food. Whenever she comes over to visit, she will generally bring some tasty goodies for me! She actually said that she has developed a taste for some of these foods and that she feels better when eating gf products.

It's not wise to completely remove gluten from your diet if there isn't a dietary need, but certainly reducing the amount of gluten you eat or removing it for a short period of time, will definitely do you some benefits.

So I have decided to put it out there to my lovely readers, I challenge you to remove gluten or as much gluten as possible from your diet for a week! This is a fantastic idea for those of you who my be experiencing some symptoms that I have mentioned are related to coeliac or you just simply feel yuck after eating certain foods.

Before you ask 'how can I possibly do that?', I would like to draw your attention to the various recipes that I now have on my blog. There is a variety of main meals, soups, sweets, cakes and desserts that you can try. The only meal of the day that I haven't got recipes for is breakfast. My advice for you while your on the challenge as gf cereal is rather expensive eat porridge (oats) there isn't conclusive medical evidence that they contain gluten or eggs or yogurt.

I know there is lots of cakes and yummy food in my recipe collection but please make sure you eat your daily serve of fruit and veg!

Also to follow this challenge correctly you will need to remove packaged food that contains gluten, remember to read the label of everything you eat and wheat from sugar is okay (that means most lollies) but wheat starch or anything else is not!

Please keep me updated on the progress of your challenge, I'd love to know how if works for all of you.

Any questions just comment or email me and I'll try and answer it asap.

Don't procrastinate another day, give it a go.......

p.s recipe of the day will be in the cakes and sweets section!