Thursday, 5 April 2012

Eating at functions as a Coeliac and with allergies

Going to functions, party's baby showers etc, as a coeliac isn't always as fun as it is to many other people. Of course it's lovely to be there sharing whatever the special occassion is with your friends or family. But....

When it comes to the food, if your lucky you might just get some plain chips, a few lollies too! I always bring my good old faithful Brownies and generally something else too. I've actually been to parties where I forget to bring a dinner option, not realising it was finger food and eating fruit, cheese and GF  Birthday cake I cooked! I had a toasted sandwhich when we came home, I needed to eat something more.

If I'm feeling this as an adult, I thought how hard must it be for the kids with coeliac disease or allergies. Knowing that there is all this yummy food coming around and you have to poliety say no every time you get offered something delicious. I generally tell people why so they don't think I'm being rude, and people nod with half understanding looks. Sometimes you even get the clever duck who likes to tell you everything about your disease, most of its wrong. Even if you are in the worst pms mood, you have to refrain and nod you head and walk away.

But honestly what do you say to your child who can't eat all the fun food at parties. Do you have to do what I do know, but on a larger scale and bring a plate of gf or whatever their allergy is free food so they too can splerge and have a bit of fun.

It's not the hosts fault, nor responsibility to provide food for you when you have allergies or a disease. I offer and ensure people have food due to personal experience.

But parents what do you do when your child gets the invite for a party? a Maccas party? Do you take a plate of food but with more goodies, do you fill them up before or do you decline the invite?

Adults, what is your strategy do you take a plate of food like me, or do you fill up before??

I can't wait to hear everyone's tips and what they do! It's hard enough as an adult, never lone a child!