Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The joys of eating out as a coeliac!

One of the things I find frustrating as a coeliac is going out to parties, people's houses and restaurants. Before I had the diagnose, I would generally have a flowing top on, just in case puffer fish emerged and pants that would pull up or I could undo the button! (don't lie we have all done it at times, over indulged coeliac or not and had to unbutton jeans because your so uncomfortable and honestly think you will explode!)

But now if we're invited to a party, I have to check what's on the menu, which is kind of impolite (I think most people understand), to figure out if I need to eat before I go, or there are things available to me! I always make my token brownies, to ensure that I can have something when the sweet things are put out! Though the problem is, I have to hide some, and everyone else happily gobbles them up! They can eat everything else and generally that's all I can eat!

Recently we were at a catered for family function, now most meats come with gravy separate, but this was actually smoothered with gravy, despite it being lamb and mint sauce was provided! Thankfully there was chicken that I got to eat (though a magpie stole some of the chicken, cheeky little bugger)!

There are plenty of people who I guess have to do the same as me, people with allergies would have the same problem as me. So I guess I dont suffer in embarrassment alone, as many people are like me and have to check menus, etc and often feel like a real pain when someone invites you to dinner!

My advice to friends and famy of coeliacs and peole on the gf diet, food isn't that hard, in Australia we are coming up to summer and BBQ are always a hit, plenty of butchers sell gf sausages as do the major supermarkets, steaks ate ok, as is fish and BBQ chicken, we just can't eat the seasoning! Salads are ok too, just check the dressing and use common sense, like don't use dressing until the person has checked the ingredients, then your not to blame for any reaction that happens!

Goodluck with cooking (or check my recipes if you want to impress, there are easy recipes up there with more to come soon!)keep an eye out for some more easy recipes!