Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Gluten in Ice Cream, really??????

Very annoyingly I wrote what I thought was quite a good blog yesterday, then the lovely computer decided to have a little heart attack and unfortunately it didn't save my post like it normally does!

Anyway I have a more pressing point to write about in my limited writing time today....

Did you know that ice creams, yes ice creams, well at least some contain gluten!!!!!

As if we don't have enough food to worry about, spending endless time in supermarket aisles, reading the back of labels to ensure there is no wheat in products, I honestly didn't realise that ice cream was something we had to watch out for too!!

It's ridiculous!!!, knowing and having an increasing knowledge of how food is made, there is really no reason to put wheat or any gluten based products in ice cream of all things!

Now we have the issue of going to those yummy ice-cream places and ordering a hokey pokey etc and asking the pimply faced 15 year old working there if the ice cream contains gluten. Wow, that will be way beyond their capabilities, their face will go red, which will be made more obvious by the outbreak of pimples, as they try and read the standard guideline of food ingredients that those stores issues, to 10 minutes later either inform you that sorry madam the only ice cream that definitely is gf is vanilla or I can't guarantee you that anything is gluten free!!!

I mentioned about my accident in my last post, I've been suffering very severe, debilitating neck spasms several times a day for the last 4 weeks, I haven't had a day spasm or intense pain free in this entire time.  So needles to say my husband (who I'm now referring to as Poppa Smurf), and my parents and family have been eager to try and get me little treats to try and make me feel better. They can't stop these horrible spasms but they can get me ice cream or chocolate. I think I mentioned before I love Fry's Turkish Delight, it has gluten in it but the nutritionist told me that because I was so good with the gf free diet to have one occasionally was okay, mainly because the gluten was so processed.

I've probably eaten far too many of these lovely turkish delights, in attempts to ease some of my pain. My mum actually found some Turkish Delight Ice cream, I have to confess, I ate the majority of the packet!!!! Whoops! Next time she came over and I requested some ice cream, she actually read the ingredients and was amazed to find just how many different types of ice cream contained gluten. Basically all the exciting yummy ones, had wheat!! So not fair.

So now I have some pains, admittedly the majority are endo based, but I know that some of my pains at the moment are from eating the ice cream with the gluten!! What absolute crap!!!

So a warning out there for all of you, unfortunately ice cream contains gluten, so yet another bloody thing we have to read, check, ask, deal with inexperienced staff who have no idea.

But just a little for note, not the most sound medical advice (but I'm not a doctor) just eating one of these ice creams with some degree of gluten, hasn't caused a massive reaction with me and I'm sure at times (particularly while I'm having 2-3 severe neck spasms daily, I will indulge in the occasional gluten ice cream). Although obviously if you or your child are allergic to the protein in milk (which I will  learn more about this from lovely friend author of Stranger Than Fiction (see me reading list for her blog) you wouldn't even attempt to eat the ice cream.

If you work at one of these big ice cream companies, I put out a challenge for you to make a gf ice cream that tastes just as good as all the others!!! And please send me one to try, I promise I will even write a review for you.

Imagine a world when you could eat whatever we felt like, without reading every bloody ingredients and asking fifty thousand questions when we go out.

I'm adding an ice cream place in Croydon Park Sydney that was recommended to me by one of my dearest friends.