Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Home brand or brand???

I don't know if it's in all countries but in Australia we have home brand or generic no name products that are sold at supermarkets. The non name brands cover a mass variety of products from milk to toilet paper and everything in between.

The most obvious difference between these products and name brand products is the cost. With some products it could be almost tripple the price to buy name brand products! That's a massive saving, particularly if things are tight with money this makes the weekly shop more affordable!

The price is definately a massive positive but the quality is often what people are reluctant about! There are some products that really don't taste any different or feel etc any different than the name brand but there is a big difference in some things.

Aside from the quality debate it brings to light how much we as buyers and consumers pay for advertising, marketing, packaging etc of name brand products! It's supermarket robbery!

Sometimes it's a choice, it may be about buying products made in your country, may be about money or quality. But remember there is nothing wrong with home brand so if your reluctant to buy because oh no what will people think, I can't possibly be seen with that in my trolley! Relax and don't worry about everyone else, guaranteed they have home brand products buried deep in their trolley!