Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A list of the gluten things we miss, a list for everyone to add what they miss!

This is a post not about autism and the impact of the gf diet, this is just about being a coeliac and the what we miss!!!

Now as a coeliac, there are so many things I miss eating! So I thought I'd start a bit of list and you can add what you miss most, so here it goes (add your country/state or city, to the things you miss most, no restrictions, within reason):
1. Cakes
2. Pies, potato pies!
3. Pastries
4.pasta (the gf ones aren't the same!!)
5. Bread
6. To have multiple choices at a restaurant to eat
7. To not be the embarssing one who asks thousands of questions about the meals when out to dinner etc.

Now readers write in the comment box what you miss most(think if the vaccine for gluten that they are currently researching, comes out, and all it takes is one injection and we can eat gluten, what would be the first thing or multiple things you would go out and eat be specific!

P.S don't forget gf expo this friday and Saturday at Sydney.

If the list is big enough I'll re-post the entire list