Friday, 8 June 2012

Googey Eggs

In my previous post I told you about the quinoa bread and the quinoa that my friend 'The Chef' as he will now be called, introduced me too. I have provided you with a recipe using the gorgeous quinoa grain and this time I thought I would stick with the breakfast theme, and give you an age old classic what I like to call Googey Eggs On Toast. They somehow reach new heights, a new level of class with this delicious bread.

You might be wondering why I would be providing you with such an easy recipe, but it is actually these basic recipes that are generally the hardest to master. Everyone has an old wife's tale about how to cook the eggs to make them perfect and more often then not they will turn out not so perfect.

So here is how I cook my

Googey Eggs:

(for 1 person)
2 eggs at room temperature (or hold in hands to warm up eggs)

Place the eggs in the saucepan and cover with cold to lukewarm water (if the water is hot it will crack the eggs). Place the saucepan on a medium to high heat, once the water comes to a boil reduce heat slightly and time the eggs, from boiling time, 3 minutes will give you a perfect egg with a delicious runny centre but cooked white bits. If you prefer your eggs to not be so runny allow to cook for a minute longer.

Enjoy this simple but delicious breakfast!

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