Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Expo

I went to the GF Expo in Sydney on Saturday, WOW!! Seriously it was bigger than Ben Hur! Mum and I went armed with one green recylced bag, and me clutching my walking stick (from the accident, my hip still can't handle long periods of walking). We followed the crowd, and both looked at each other wondering why people had suitcases, in some instances, several suitcases and massive bags! We thought that there must be something else on, or they had travelled interstate for a convention...

When we walked into the Expo, we were blown away by the amount of people! The suitcase laden people, weren't travelling anywhere, nor going to a convention, they had brought such huge bags to stock up on various types of gf goodies!!!

Honestly, it was overwhelming, there were so many people, and so many exhibits that were offering samples of the various gf products they had to sell.  There was so much food to sample, that we didn't even have to eat lunch, we were too full from all the samples!!

There was even gf beer that you could sample!! As we all know, beer is made from gluten containing products, making a diagnosis of coeliac hard on the beer lover, or even just someone like me who might like to have a beer every now and then. There were two different types to buy, I'll mention one now, and the other in a post dedicated just to the one beer. One of the beer's I tried was a German beer Schnitzel, and the best thing ladies, was there was one type that was blended with lemon and lime, it was sweet and refreshing not the usually bitter taste of beer. You can buy this beer at most Dan Murphy's in the international beer section and some other independent stories.  Let me know what you think if you try it.

Now as I have explained before I went wearing my logo t-shirt, and armed with boxes of cards advertising my blog. I had already arranged two exhibitors to display my cards, and I would write a post about their product, sort of like a trade off.

In my case, the Expo was beyond what I hoped for, 16 different exhibitors agreed to display my cards, one was already a reader of my blog! I don't know who was more excited me or her, when we met! And I also handed my card and gave some advice to some random people who I overheard talking about problems that they were having or there friends were having starting the gluten free diet and dealing with being a coeliac.

So for the next few weeks, as promised I will be dedicating various posts, to the lovely exhibitors who took my cards and passed them around to people. I want you to know that these aren't payed advertising posts, its just returning a good deed and honestly informing my readers of all the fantastic gf food and drinks that are available out there, I had no idea there was so many! There is a market of gf and casein free kid based food products, which you can stock in the pantry for all the kids in the household, so you don't have to deal with the common problem that often emerges when one child can only eat a limited amount of food compared to their siblings, I'll feature these products shortly.

There were also guest speakers at the expo, unfortunately I only got to hear part of the talk from Dr Tye-Din. I am proud to say that I've been researching well, because there weren't many things that I heard him talk about that I wasn't aware of. He did clarify some myths associated with the disease, such as you have to come from an Irish background, which I do (now the disease has been identified, in people from a vast amount of racial backgrounds).

One of the big points that Dr Tye-Din did focus on was that it is important to not self diagnose and take yourself off gluten because as I have mentioned before, prior to having the only conclusive test, that 100% guarantees you have the disease (the endoscope) you need to eat a great amount of gluten in the lead up to the test, yes you may feel horrible, but if you take out the gluten the disease often won't show up if you have stopped completely eating gluten. He did also identify there is a genetic link to this disease, so yes there is a big chance one of your parents had the gene for coeliac, apparently you don't need to suffer but you can be a carrier of the gene, but you can pass it on. There is also a blood test that you can have, but the doctor did stress once again, the only way to correctly diagnose is an endoscope (the camera down the throat and a biopsy), even if the blood test comes back ok and there are some other symptoms you could still have coeliac disease..  One of the scary facts he did identify was that the statics at the moment in Australia is 1 in 100 suffer from coeliac disease, they believe that the stats are much higher, that there are actually a large number of undiagnosed, or incorrectly diagnosed ie; IBS, is a common diagnose given instead of coeliac. Basically if you have any suspicions that you could be a coeliac, go to your doctor and ask for a referral to see a surgeon who specialises in gastrointestinal disease, and they will conduct the appropriate test for you.

I hope I have provided you with enough information, next year if your in Australia, definitely go (it is in a number of states), its well worth it! And my readers from all over the world, I would love to know if your country has these type of expos and what is the awareness like in your country of this disease.

I will try and alternate posts of the various product reviews from the expo, with my traditional post, and I do have a few yummy recipes to put up for you all shortly.

Hope this has helped some people, and welcome to any new readers. Please comment or email me if you have any questions.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

The logo, expo and t-shirt

As this Friday afternoon and Saturday is the Gluten Free Expo, I thought that I needed to explain to my readers the reason for my logo. You see, the reason I mention this is that I have not only had cards made up with details of my blog, which you can find at Julians Free (which is those yummy pizza bases I wrote about) and the other lovely exhibitor is Tasty Bite (which sell fast, convenient, heat and eat gf Indian Food).  That's just with the cards, I also ordered a t-shirt, with the puffer fish logo, which I will be wearing at the show on Saturday. I got it delivered today, its fantastic, but the blue and pink puffer fish is very visible! I ordered the t-shirt to encourage readers to come up and talk to me, ask some questions, give me some feedback. But that firstly explains where the cards will be (I will also have a heap with me too), and now onto the reasoning behind the logo for the new readers.

For those of you who don't know the reasoning behind my logo (the puffer fish), is I relate it to how I feel when I eat gluten and my stomach almost instantly blows up, I mean explodes, looks like I'm 6 months pregnant! It looks and feels like it needs to be deflated with a pin and then I'll feel the air be released from my stomach, I imagine it to feel and sound like letting the air slowly out of a balloon!, leaving a deflated but pain free stomach. That's not including the pain and agony that it can sometimes cause!

When I first created the logo I tried to explain to my family, but my mum is a bit of a visual learner, and despite trying to get the logo she didn't get it at all until she recently watched Shark Bait (the cartoon) the other week, and couldn't stop laughing at the puffer fish. She called me to tell me that, when it went from nothing to this massive round blob, it reminded her of me when I ate gluten. I could seriously have a flat stomach one minute, and the next few minutes it would bow up. I'm sure there were times, when people thought I was pregnant. I always made a point of showing my relatively flat, still pudgy but not massive stomach on days when I wasn't eating much gluten!, just to squash those rumours!

My husband aka Poppa Smurf and I, watched Finding Nemo,on the weekend and I kept on laughing when the puffer fish blew up and insisted on pointing it out to my husband!! He got the point after I kept on saying it, for the tenth time!

I guess to me things like logos, business names and even tattoos have to have a meaning behind them. My great grandfather started a diary farm, which he then turned into a thriving business if milk trucks, buses, coal trucks and the house, the bricks in that house and the house, were built by the hands of my great grandfather, grandfather and great uncles. Now I'm telling you this because the house and all trading names for the business were called Emohour (which is our home spelt backwards), it meant something to him and he carried that through every aspect of his life. I also have a small tattoo, but its of something meaningful to me. I don't understand the need to get a pretty butterfly or angel wings tattoo when it has no meaning, apart from it looks pretty (its there forever, so you better make sure you can tell your grandchildren why you got it!).

The puffer fish to me, apart from being an embodiment of coeliac disease and the reaction people have when they eat it, I want it to change. To empower others with knowledge and about the condition/disease and create a world where we can eat, go out, relatively stress free!

So please come up to me if you see me at the Expo on Saturday. Enjoy

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A list of the gluten things we miss, a list for everyone to add what they miss!

This is a post not about autism and the impact of the gf diet, this is just about being a coeliac and the what we miss!!!

Now as a coeliac, there are so many things I miss eating! So I thought I'd start a bit of list and you can add what you miss most, so here it goes (add your country/state or city, to the things you miss most, no restrictions, within reason):
1. Cakes
2. Pies, potato pies!
3. Pastries
4.pasta (the gf ones aren't the same!!)
5. Bread
6. To have multiple choices at a restaurant to eat
7. To not be the embarssing one who asks thousands of questions about the meals when out to dinner etc.

Now readers write in the comment box what you miss most(think if the vaccine for gluten that they are currently researching, comes out, and all it takes is one injection and we can eat gluten, what would be the first thing or multiple things you would go out and eat be specific!

P.S don't forget gf expo this friday and Saturday at Sydney.

If the list is big enough I'll re-post the entire list

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Some facts about autism and why the gf casein free diet works

Ok I've done the first testimonial page, so now I decided its time for the facts page. Firstly I would like to clarify to my readers that I'm not a medical practitioner, I am a school teacher and have taught children on the autism spectrum both diagnosed and undiagnosed and I'm also doing alot of research as there are a few people close to me with children on the spectrum! If after reading everything I have to say and you have concerns about your child or someones close to you child's, speak up in a polite way,you will either immediately get the the response that they had the same concerns as you,but not many parents want to admit that, so be mindful! And don't take it to heart, they will come round, even if they do get a bit defiance to start with. It's a hard choice to make!

Now I know all the readers with children who have autism are well aware of what it is, symptoms etc, unfortunately it's something the general public have very little knowledge about and sadly as a teacher, I definitely believe that to be true! So I am on an endeavor to empower as many people with knowledge about the signs and symptoms of autism.

Warning Signs and symptoms of autism

1. If a child isn't babbling or cooing by 12months of age.
2. If a child doesn't gesture by 12 months ie; point,wave etc
3. If child doesn't say single words by 16 months
4. If a child cannot repeat a two word phrase by 24 months.
5. If a child has any loss of language or social skill at any age

The next possible symptoms are things that I notice most as a teacher, I am also getting this information predominately from Autism web, I'll provide a direct link later but if you want to look up more symptoms check out their very informative website! So here is my shortened list of symptoms;
a) the child doesn't respond to their name
b) the child has problems with expressive and receptive language what they say and how to
explain what they are wanting to say to others.
c) The child demonstrates intense and violent tantrums, which can be misunderstood as just a
naughty child who needs discipline (parents, turn your ears off to that talk)
d)The child can be hyperactive, oppositional and uncooperative
e) The child has poor eye contact and often won't respond to smiles.
f) the child often becomes fixated in one object or thing and generally prefers to play alone.
g) the child often appears to be in their own world and they often aren't interested in other
h) the child often lines objects up and walks around on their toes.
I) the child does not like to be touched even hugged by their parents at times (this is a hard
one but important to be aware of, a slight touch could result in a massive tantrum).
j)1 in 160 Australians are on the autism spectrum,with the larger number being boys
k) repetitive use of an object or repetitive use of a bodily action such as flapping or
L) an inability to cope with a slight variation of routine ie; going a different way to school
due to road works etc, could result in a massive meltdown from the child.

Unfortunately with autism, early intervention and diagnose is best for the child, but often
hardest on the parent. I'm not yet a parent but one day soon, I hope to be and I can only
empathise with people how hard it must be to admit that your gorgeous baby isn't reaching the
same milestones as other children (particularly with social media and most parents brag/share about
their child's achievements, which must be hard knowing that those achievements may never be
possible for your child!)

I know I have explained briefly some of the signs of autism. I must stress that early
diagnose, is essential! A child can be diagnosed via a series of tests from 18 months to 3
years. Although it might be hard to do, a child who goes to school without a diagnose, will
still show signs, but they cannot get any additional funding or assistance, despite it being very obvious! Thus making learning almost impossible and a high change of numerous calls from the teacher regarding your child's behaviour. The child may also be in constant trouble, as they have meltdowns (at any change of routine, they wont understand social cues and directions from the teacher, they may find friends hard to get or keep, also some teachers if the child doesn't have a customer can respond in a manner which will make a bad situation worse. Your child may decline intellectually as they don't understand what their teacher is saying! The teachers will eventually pick up on it, but your child may be in their 2nd or 3rd year or more of school before they are diagnosed or simply slip through the system. All the research suggests early intervention is the key,along with  finding a theory of practice that works best for you and your child to best equip them for school.

Now the final part of this post is about why a gf casein free diet would and does work for
children on the autism spectrum and also ADHD. Now for some basic medical facts (I did do 6 months of nursing at university so I understand a small amount of medical lingo), basically gluten is broken down in the intensines into to several by products. These by products are much more prominent in the urine of children with autism than those without! Some scientist believe that there is a leakage from the intestine's of children with autism, thus causing lots of gastrointestinal problems in autistic children. The scientific belief is that this leakage causes behavior problems in autistic children. As mentioned in the previous post regarding autism, my friend from Stranger Than Fiction, notice behavioural changes when she had Master 2 on the gf casein free diet.

Casein is a protein found in milk based products, which has been found to affect behavior of autistic children. Studies have proven that a combination of the gf and casein free diet shows improvements on behavior, with some patents reporting a dramatic decrease in autistic traits and behavior! I have only recently heard of casein but was informed when diagnosed with coeliac, that some people may need to remove dairy products for the first few months, thankfully I didn't.

Now I believe that firstly if you notice several of the autistic traits I've mentioned, take the plunge and take yourself to the pediatrician and if you aren't happy with the answers you get,seek another opinion, follow your gut instinct and don't take no for an answer. Do everything to get your child tested, remember without a diagnose,no assistance can be given to your child at school, or preschool! And their life at school will be very difficulty, academically and socially, trust me, this is a teacher speaking and I taught many students who I believed were on the autism spectrum but hadn't been tested and they were so far behind in so many ways.

I hope this post has helped in some way to give you a better understanding and why the gf and casein free diet is easy and very worthwhile trying! But please, if your have any concerns regarding your child, please seek medical advice.

Here is the list of fantastic websites which helped me write and research this post:
www.vrg.org/nutshellcheese.htm (this website provides what looks like a quick and easy alternative to making a non dairy free cheese)

Keep an eye on my blog for quick and easy gf recipes for busy parents, so this diet doesn't cost you a fortune! I am hoping to have a separate link with autism post, having a few problems setting it up but will be up soon.

Also the next post will be a non autism post just a traditional post, I don't won't to overhwhelm people and also don't forget the Gluten Free Expo in Sydney next Fri afternoon and Saturday, I will be there Saturday.

Hope this information has helped.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

First Testimonal of the GF and Casein Free diet

Finally I got to catch up with my old friend, the amazing author of the blog stranger than fiction. It was a surprise visit and she brought me some ultra yummy gf biscuits, one packet tastes like Tim Tams, needless to say the entire packet is gone! I did have a bit of assistance though!

Apart from how lovely it was to catch up we got to talk about one of her children, master J, who has autism and she has tried the gf and Casein diet. Finally I had the chance to ask lots of questions!

Point one: I think it's essential to say she noticed more eye contact and an overall behavioral improvement on the gf and casein free diet! Which is amazing and meant so much to gain that little bit more communication and understanding of their son (can't forget the hubby)! Which for any parent or teacher the slightest notion that something to do as simple as gf and casein diet may help in so many ways is definitely worth a go!

Point two: they noticed massive changes in his bowel movements ie; from constipation to diarrhoea with any intake intentional or not of any form of gluten. It is important to not that although this is common, Master J is currently getting blood tests and maybe even having to get an endoscope test, the camera down the throat, the only conclusive way to diagnose coeliac.
But it is important to note that Mrs Stranger Than Fiction, stated that other parents of children with autism on the diet experienced similar problems.

Point 3: Both husband and wife noticed Master J, was more engaged with a variety of activities. Which once again is a massive positive and a great feeling for the entire family!

Point 4: Both husband and wife noticed that Master J was responding more frequently to his name. Once again a big improvement!! It nay not seem much for some people but this is a big achievement and huge positive for trying and sticking with the diet!

Point 5: Gluten free food is rather costly. Mrs Stranger Than Fiction,  told me they were spending $100 each week on food for master J alone, not including the other 4 family members!

Now this is the part which I am endeavoring to help out families and indeed anyone on the gf casein diet, see apart from the bread and I have a semi solution for, that's the only real extra we spend on groceries, oh the occasionally gf pizza base, some of the gf flours are more expensive and the cereal but again
I have a solution for. I'll start with the bread and cereal money saving tips; at Coles you can buy Basco brand packet mix bread, if you keep your eye out, when they come close to the use by date, the price drops massively, I got the last packet for around $1.50!, it expired in a few days but I baked it (it's easier just follow instructions and mix for a fair amount of time in an electric mixer) then put in loaf tin and bake. Hot or warm this bread tastes like gluten bread! It doesn't keep for long, but cut into individual pieces wrap in plastic wrap and then put entire cut and wrapped loaf into the freezer, it lasts best this way! You can also make your own bread using a bread maker, I've done it and it's great but I will keep you updated when I make my own with all the different types of flour required. Now next money saving tip, breakfast cereal I eat rice cereal with fruits and the same applies as for packet mix bread. My theory is something like rice porridge will be ok to eat a bit after the use by date, and yet another bargain. I also eat the coco bomb, cereal Aussie made (I even got permission from my nutritionist to eat it, the rest of my diet was healthy and I am a big kid) and its about the same price as other gluten cereals. Also if you join the Coeliac Society of Australia http://www.coeliac.org.au/#, I'm sure in other countries they may have similar facilities, you do need to complete a form and have a section completed by your doctor and there is also an annual membership fee, but there are regular discounts at Coles on GF products, yet another savings!

I am over the next few months (it may take longer due to my poor health), starting to develop quick and easy gf and Casein recipes that the whole family can eat, that take a maximum of 20 minutes to cook from beginning to end, without eating frozen meals or preparing two or three different meals. The time factor and expensive wasn't something that came into my mind, as a non parent, and a lover of cooking, I hadn't realised that, but having many friends and family with small children, I do know the crazy hour from about 4.30pm to bedtime, and with a child with autism or behaviour issues and trying to cook several meals or complicated meals its just goes in the too hard basket. And I don't cook two meals, the only time Poppa Smurf (husband) eats something slightly different is I might have gf pasta and he will have normal pasta and that's it! And I use gf flour in all cooking, he eats what I cook, though since I've been so unwell with spasms he has been doing most of the cooking and its rather good!

So as I develop these recipes I will post them up and I will create an additional page that is dedicated to Autism, ADHD and behaviour issues and as I know casein (basically non diary) is something that most children are on, I will try my best to make these recipes friendly to those on both the gf and casein diet.
I would also like to add that my entire Bridal Shower the food was gf, apart from one plate, my family likes cooking and everyone loved all the food, so parties don't need to have gf and gluten food, if you or your child are on the diet, make everything gf, most people love it and if you like, don't tell them. The hard thing is when you or your child go to a party, and there is nothing you can eat, for adults, bring something for yourself (and fill up before you go), for kids, my recommendation would be to call up before explain your child's dietary requirements, the normal food they can eat (ie, plain chips, lollies etc) and explain why you will be bringing food, just for them (so not to offend the organising parent), and your child gets to eat cake that why when the other kids do.

I am also going to attempt more research and will be sharing that with you and creating pages that explain autism, ADHD and in layman's terms some of the medical research that has been done into the impact of these diets on autism and ADHD.

I would also love to include some testimonials of parents who have tried the diet and have either success or failure, just someone to share their story would be great. And as a teacher I can tell the difference when small changes are made to a child's diet, so I can imagine the major changes from the gf casein free diet.

Also I have added a link that you can follow me by email, basically if you like my post and read it regularly sign up and it will get delivered straight to your email address. Don't forget you can also follow me on Facebook and I will also be setting up a link to like me on Facebook soon,  and a how to follow me page for beginners to the blogging world.

I hope you have found this helpful and please pass on to anyone with autism or ADHD. Also a massive thank you to the wonderful writer and old and dear friend  of Mrs Stranger than Fiction, without her input, this post would not be possible!

I would also like to include this website, which I used a number of times to research this post, there is an ambudance of information on here, and its in simple, easy to read terms, which is always helpful!!

I really hope this helps and when I write the next post I will have the separate autism page up like the recipe pages. Please remember to follow me if you have been reading and like me on Facebook!

Also don't forget the GF Expo is Sydney is Friday (but only in the evening) and 26th August and Saturday the 27th. I will be there and my cards will be at two different stores, I will devote a post closer to the date with more details.

Please let me know what you think of this post and if it has helped you in anyway or inspired you!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Guest post on Stranger than Fiction

I have written a post for a friend, as it's not about my coeliac life, I didn't want to post it directly on my blog. But I do want my readers to have access to it. It's featured on an old friend from High School's Blog, Stranger Than Fiction, who is an amazing person. 

Without further ado, here is the link. And in a pay in forward based on the contact of an email, call or go and see a friend or family member who is doing it tough and let them know you are there for them, to listen, to talk, whatever they need.


Nothing to eat at markets!!!!

For most people on a gluten free diet, and I imagine it would be even harder for a parent with one child on the diet, going to places like markets, fairs, shows etc is a nightmare!

I went the markets on the weekend, now granted there was one store that sold gf bread spinach and fetta, rather nice (a tad crumbly) and a few other gf treats but they were sold out, there was a health food type gf store that sold museli bars etc n gf fudge. But that's it!

Now options at markets to eat are generally the good old sausage sandwich or steak sandwich, egg and bacon roll or pies and sausage rolls! None of which a coeliac can eat! It's crazy!!! Unless there's a hot chip stand, which is rarity and if your highly allergic you risk cross contamination!

Now although I would be happy to eat fudge, it's not really a lunch option, bad enough for a grown women but who wants to be feeding their child large amounts of sugar!

I long for the day when there are gf options at these places,which would take the stress and annoyance away!

Perhaps I'm out to eventually great a world were gf isn't a rarity and you don't have to stress or take your own food when you go to certain places just so you won't starve!

Please feel free to share your annoying tales of going out with no where to eat, I'd really like to know if it's just Australia or it's the same all over the world.

Can't wait for your stories.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Tha famous fresh, preservative free pizza base

As promised here is the post about Julians gluten free pizza bases. I will include the menu in the main meals sections but I thought that this deserved its own post just on the bases and the process.

Now as you know from the previous post, I was very excited to find that you can actually buy these bases from somewhere very local to me.

Now as I have been diagnosed as a coeliac since last May, so in this time, I have eaten numerous pizzas, from a variety of different restaurants, including gourmet and the good old Domino's (about the only chain restaurant to my knowledge that do the gf bases).

Honestly everyone of those pizzas that I have eaten, gourmet included, haven't honestly tasted as good as Julians gf base! Now I'm not just saying that to be nice, I'm being honest, it was so very delicious. And I'm not getting paid to do this post at all, so definitely telling the truth!

I have to say it wasn't cheap, that was the one down fall, one base cost around $7, which to be honest at first I gulped at, but it was totally worth it. Even just to read the ingredients and know that there are no preservatives, the bases was stored in the fridge not the shelf, so obviously not full of nasty things.

But the best thing of all there were no numbers attached to the ingredients list! Which was completely different to my husbands gluten base, there were several numbers. Now numbers generally mean additives and chemicals, which I hate that we are putting these in our body, they have to be doing some damage.  Honestly its disgusting to think of some of the things that are allowed in food products! And we eat them and wonder why people develop cancer and various other life threatening diseases at alarming rates in the past 50 years. And for those of you with children on the gf diet, extra preservatives is definitely something you want to avoid if possible! So for the extra few dollaras definately well worth getting to avoid those nasties that are added to the cheaper bases.

Anyway back to the pizza, it was the best base I had ever eaten! Joe from Julian's pizza had suggested to cook it just on the oven rack, it cooks the pizza better that way, and Poppa Smurf's (my husband) pizza was underneath, so that avoided cleaning the bits off the oven!

You know how when you make pizza yourself, the hardest thing is to cut it, you have to use the sharpest knife, and the pizza cutters they come with never work, then what looks like a lovely pizza ends up all mangled! Well the blade cut right through, a sure sign that the pizza was going to be good!

When you check out the recipe in the main meals, I did an antipasto type pizza, with meat and olives and sun dried tomatoes((both of which I love but Poppa Smurf hates), which means I didn't have to share.

But with every mouthful I was in heaven. It made me realise that the local restaurants, even the ones that charge a fortune for gourmet pizzas, they are using the supermarket GF bases, full of all those nasty numbers, because I have never, ever, tasted something so yummy!

So definitely well worth the few extra dollars to buy the base, and you are buying preservative free and from a local Sydney business. I will contact Joe from Julians directly and see if its possible for the individual to order things online, or if its more for orders on a larger scale. I'll keep you posted of course.

Remember that list of stockist is attached directly to this hyperlink. http://www.julianspizzabases.com.au/gluten-free-stockists.html Home-made pizzas are an easy, relatively cheap dinner, try it this weekend.

See the main meals for the recipe.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

This post is dedicated to www.juliansglutenfree.com.au

As I was searching the Sydney Gluten Free Expo, I was scanning for various exhibitors at the Expo and sending them an email, a little bit of PR, introducing, getting my blog out there on a wider scale.

I wasn't feeling the best today, and I looked at my email in excitement to discover that one of the exhibitors http://www.juliansglutenfree.com.au/gluten-free-pizza-bases.html had agreed to have some of my blog business cards at his stand at the expo.

My elation was increased when I looked up the website again, to discover that his speciality is gluten free pizza bases, and readers, Camden Gourmet Deli (I've called have plenty in stock), and Wild Food in Bowral are also a stockist. For anyone else out of the area click on the link of distributors and you will be able to find somewhere close to you that distributors Julian's not only gf pizza but lasagne and cannelloni bases!

I'm so excite!. Now if I could drive, guaranteed I would be heading to get one of those bases for dinner tonight, but as I can't,  that's my plan for tomorrow night. I will also include a lovely recipe for my readers with some pictures!

And wait, there's more, you can order online, not only from Australia but worldwide for all for my readers. So definitely a website to checkout people. Online is definitely the way of the future!

Thanks Joe, who has been emailing me back and forth but also giving me some helpful tips when cooking gf pizza.

So to all my readers out there check out the website, and keep an eye on the blog either tomorrow or Thursday for the outcome of how I went cooking the bases and what creations I make.. If they have any other options available I'm sure I will be getting them and telling you all about it.

Until next time