Friday, 13 January 2012

Good & Easy Eats Amazing Competition

I'm so excited to announce my very first competition! I've recently had the pleasure of reviewing a fantastic, healthy and delicious e book, by the wonderful Kim Wilson, 'Good & Easy Eats'.There are an amazing 70 recipes included in this fabulous e book. It's not only a recipe book, but a guide to healthy wholesome living, equipping the reader with all the tools to change your eating habits and adapt to a healthy living lifestyle. Kim has kindly offered a copy of this book for one lucky reader!

I've had the pleasure of using the recipes in this great book! One of the great things I've learnt from using Kim's recipes, is that nuts of various forms, can be used in smoothies. Kim's recipe for juice smoothies are delicious, and I've made the smoothie numerous times with a variety of fruit, always including either crushed nuts or pistachio nuts. Kim recommends soaking the nuts as it softens the nuts to begin the process of germination and increases the digestibility and nutritional value of the nuts. I have to be honest, I always forget to soak the nuts but will make sure I do tonight, for my smoothie tomorrow.

I'm from Australia where sorghum is very hard to find, I've tried everywhere and have been unsuccessful. The lovely lady from the blog 84thand3rd, has told me that sorghum flour is available at some health food stores, the brand is Bob's Red Mill Ranges, please let me know if you find it and what store from. I baked Kim's Banana Muffins, which called for sorghum flour, for Australian readers, I used 1/2 cup of gluten free corn flour and 1/2 cup of arrowroot flour, the muffins turned out beautiful. Unlike any other muffin I have tasted, you could taste the goodness in these wholesome muffins. Once again for Australian's some products that you may need to go to a health food shop are; apple cider vinegar, ground flax (I brought Flaxmeal). I highly recommend purchasing this delightful e book, it is not just a recipe book, but will inspire you to change your lifestyle habits. Since I began to read this book, I have already begun to make healthier lifestyle changes. I have replaced lunch with a smoothie, and the banana muffins are perfect for either breakfast, or a wholesome snack in between meals! The muffins taste best warmed up, a quick zap in the microwave, makes them taste even better.

For Australian readers, the USA has different standards for gluten free products, they produce certified organic oats, which you will find in some of the recipes in this book. At present in Australia, oats is something that is still being debated if it contains gluten. My advice for Australian readers, is to avoid oats, you could use another grain such as quinoa in place of oats. Kim's website is: http.://
Any questions you have about the competition just send me an email or contact me on twitter @MMOAGFL. Goodluck with the competition.