Thursday, 5 January 2012

A Summer Story and a Mango, Banana, Pistachio and Passionfruit Yoghurt Smoothie

Summer time to both myself and my husband, means the blender is out everyday at least once daily, blending up a delicious smoothie, using the lovely Australian fresh summer fruit. I have already started on the smoothie summer campaign and it has become my main lunch, which is quite filling and relatively healthy (depending on what you add to it!)

I'm also in the process of reviewing a great book Good & Easy Eats by Kim Wilson from Simply Natural Health. I've been playing with the recipes in her book and have been making smoothies not just using frozen yoghurt, yoghurt, or ice cream, but using juices and adding nuts to delightful smoothies. I have to admit that adding nuts is something I wouldn't of thought of before, but it adds a lovely flavour and the juice smoothies are so refreshing and not as heavy as the yoghurt based smoothie. I've added pistachio nuts and crushed nuts to both juice and yoghurt based smoothies and they make for a lovely twist, the pistachio nuts, personally work best with the summer fruits and not too many. It's also great to get in your fruit intake for the day, in one hit in a smoothie, a great idea for kids who refuse to eat fruit, if it looks and tastes like a yummy milkshake, they will drink it up without giving it a second thought!

The smoothie that I have to add today is full of lovely fresh Australian summer fruit, with the addition of pistachio nuts, it makes for a little twist, without it being too over bearing. Kim from Simply Natural Health, has advised me its best to soak nuts over night it helps with digestion, but I always forget, as I'm not sure what I'll feel like the day or night prior. Before I give you the recipe, I encourage you to get out the blender and have a play around with flavours. Remember that with any type of cooking we always have mistakes or not the turn out you hoped for, its all part of the learning curve of cooking, particularly gf cooking and also part of life. Don't beat yourself up about the small things, start off following recipes and you will start to get an idea of flavours that work together.

Without further ado here is the recipe:

Mango, Banana, passionfruit, yoghurt,and pistachio Smoothie


1 large banana
 1 fresh mango
1 small tub of passionfruit low fat yoghurt
6 pistachio nuts
1-2 cups of low fat milk
Handful of ice cubes


Break the banana into smaller pieces and place in blender, cut the mango and add to blender, add the tub of yoghurt, shell the pistachio nuts, cut in half and put in blender add milk (until just covering with a few cm gap the ingredients in the blender. Add a handful of ice to the blender. Blend on a low to medium speed for 20-30 seconds, check on how thick it is and if needed blend some more. Pour into either a large old fashioned milkshake cup if for one, or two smaller glasses for two people, if you use normal size glasses it will probably stretch to four!

I hope you enjoy this smoothie as much as I have.

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Until the next Smoothie!! Enjoy xxx