Wednesday, 20 July 2011

My family history of spaghetti bolognise

This is a quick post, a prelude to a much loved recipe in my family. Growing up in the 80s and 90s spaghetti Bolognise or (spag Bol) was a weekly occurrence at our dinner table. It was one of the most exotic dishes we had.

I actually remember mum telling me the first time she ate, she was a bit worried as she was at her boses house or something along the lines, I'll probably get into trouble for getting the details wrong, it was the late 70s and for those who have eatten spaghetti know it's not the easiest dish to eat in public, imagine trying it for the first time in those circumstances! She had no ideas how to eat spaghetti, so I think relied on watching others eating and from memory of hearing the story many times, a friend secretly guided her I. How to eat!

You see on both sides on my family it's English and Irish as far back as I'm sure there's convicts in there somewhere, so undoubtedly mum was brought up on meat and three veg and Sunday roast. Spaghetti was way too exotic!

My sister is going to kill me but it's too funny not to mention, she was living in south Australia and she was telling her friend about this great recipe she had for spag Bol! She was so proud, thinking it had been passed down by my very English grandma! She made a call to mum to get the recipe and find out exactly what relo started the recipe, mum was nearly cryi g laughing so hard! Given our family history it was highly unlikely that a very Italian dish was passed down!

My little Sis was quite disappointed to discover that mum and my Aunty had got the spaghetti recipe from a leggos jar in the late 70s!

I guess it's now a recipe that is now passed down because my mum, sister and myself all cook it.

As with everything I have added a few things and now use gf spaghetti and gf beef stock cubes as well as some tasty additions.

Tomorrow this famous family recipe will be posted in the main meals, If it takes a but longer to get it up just means I'm sick with neck spasms again but it will be up I promise.

P.s sorry squirt for any embarrassment hehe