Friday, 15 June 2012

Competition thank you's

My 1st Birthday competition is now over and the four wonderful winners have been drawn! I'm pleased to announce that the winners spread throughout this wonderful country with 1st prize being awarded to an amazing lady in Brisbane Queensland. 2nd prize was awarded to another fantastic women, this time a fellow New South Wales women. 3rd prize was awarded to yet another wonderful women in Victoria. Finally 4th prize was awarded to a great women who lives in Perth. The last three winners are fellow bloggers', I will first seek permission from these women, who all write wonderful blogs, to publish a direct link to their blogs here, and on my soon to be established blog roll.

There weren't only women who entered the competition, many men entered the competition, as did many others. I would like to thank you all for your support, particularly to the readers overseas who RT on Twitter even though they couldn't enter the competition, just to help me out! An extra big thanks to you, this shows how much support I have.

Without the wonderful sponsors this great competition would not have been possible. Once again I will give you the websites of the sponsors, so that you do can see what great products they have to offer. A big thank you to Mamee , Basco , Candy Brokers , Bounce Bars , The lost cereal Amarantha and quinoa , Tasty Bites .

Even if you didn't win any of the prizes, have a good look at the websites provided and try some of the products next time you go shopping. I give full credit to the companies for making gluten free products tasty and not bland and boring. I actually went out and brought a GF Basco Mac and Cheese the other night and from memory it tasted a thousand times better then the traditional gluten filled packet mix pasta. It's nice to know that we can have quick alternative meals on hand that are tasty and easy to make.

I have some delightful winter warming recipes coming up and brilliant reviews of the best takeaway and byo pizza restaurant I have been too. Keep your eyes peeled for these latest additions to my blog. The best thing about this pizza place is they actually make their very own GF dough on the spot! It's delicious and I've never ever had a reaction! I won't tempt you anymore I will save it for the review complete with pictures and all, we just need smell a vision!

Have a great and safe weekend. xx