This page holds a list of safe places that you can eat gluten free food at. I would love for people to contribute places they have had positive experiences by emailing me on or on Twitter at MMOAGFL.

Vero Cafe Narellan Town Centre: Located near the Woolworths end of the Town Centre, a small cafe with delightful coffee, delicious variety of gluten free cakes, gluten free bread to have some tasty sandwiches and a selection of gluten free hot and cold meals. The service is always given with a smile and the staff have a sound understanding of gluten free food and the importance of why people need to eat gluten free food. This is a must try if you are in the area.

Olives Restaurant 40 Elizabeth St Camden NSW 46556448: This is a very classy restaurant right next to the historic old Camden railway line. The menu is constantly changing ensuring guests get a new experience each time they dine there. There is specific gf labels on all sections of the menu and the staff and chef were well versed in gluten free produce. My husband and I visited the restaurant in the middle of winter and the wood fire helped to set the romantic mood. A highlight of the evening was a delicious complimentary pimking soup that was delivered to all the guests and was gluten free, this is something that the restaurant does all the time and they change what the dish is regularly. This restaurant is the perfect venu to attend for a special occasion, that nice night out. Here is there website

6 Months Picton 0467 666 036: This new trendy restaurant is a hidden gem located underneath the pumphouse gym in Picton. It's set up in a French rustic style with water provided and you byo drinks. The menu is a written on a large blackboard and lists 10 different dishes with a majority of them being gluten free. The chef is very well versed in gluten free food and cooks in gluten free flours, making a large majority of the dishes available for coeliacs of gluten intolerant people to eat. It is set up in shared plates or a tapas style, where you pay for 5 plates or choose the whole 10 plates, costing $35 or $45. The menu is changed regularly using as much local produce as possible. I highly recommend that you try this restaurant, your taste buds will thank you, and you can bring your own wine! Tables book up quickly so make sure you book a table and don't just turn up and be disappoined. I'm sure you will enjoy this wonderful restaurant as much as I do.

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