Thursday, 15 September 2011

Delicious Gluten Free Waffles!

At the gluten free expo one of the hi-lights of my day, was meeting a reader in person, in the flesh and she was just as excited to be meeting me as I was her! There's some sense of mystery and excitement, meeting someone who reads your blog or who's blog you read!

The best thing that this lovely reader, not only read my blog but was from an awesome, amazing exhibit, selling gf waffles! Waffles are one of those banned things that us coeliacs longingly look at on menus, in supermarkets etc and remember with a sense of longing!

The best thing about the expo is at least 95% of exhibits had samples, which is always great to try before you buy! And the waffle exhibit had some lovely samples, drizzled with some maple syrup (or it could be golden syrup)! If I had to pick one word to describe these waffles, it would honestly be hard to pick one, but I think I'll stick with delicious!!

I brought a packet and wished I brought more! It was so nice to have waffles, that were gf but tasted actually better than any waffle I've eaten before, gluten filled ones included!

The one tip I would give to people who buy these waffles, they can fall through a toaster, I cooked mine on a sandwich press, after a slight problem with the toaster. And they was no problem on the sandwhich press and they were cooked right through!

I've recommended to the lovely owners of this fantastic waffles business to start a website, so us coeliacs can order these amazing treats to have more frequently! Maybe not so great for the waist line but to feel normal by eating waffles is a well deserved treat!

One of the best things about these waffles apart from how tasty they are,
is that they are made from pemium ingredients that containing no artifical colours or additives! This is much better than alot of the waffles that are brought from the supermarket, which you are almost guranteed will contain artificial ingredients and colours of some degree!

Here is the list of places throughout Sydney areas that you can purchase these waffles; Glenorie Bakeryt Glenorie, The Outback Bakery Windsor and JK Care Loftus & Engadine. Sorry to readers from other parts of Australia and to my lovely readers throughout the world. Welcome by the way to my reader from Kenya! I will keep you posted if these waffles become available in any restaurants or on the Internet!

Remember this is one of the reviews I've done as these lovely people put my blog cards out at the expo on their exhibit, Im doing a bit of a trade off a favour for a favour. Just so you know these reviews are not payed, and I will promise to give my honest opinion to my readers. I also think these reviews are important, I was exposed to so many different gf products I didn't know were out there and I feel it's my job to provide my readers with these options, to make our often boring gf diet that more exciting and even inspire us to cook or attempt to cook a larger variety of food!

If you are near any or the places that sell these wondeful waffles, call in and buy some. You can freeze them, which makes buying extra that more tempting.

But seriously these waffles are so good, that I would recommend a weekend drive, to buy some of these waffles, well worth the treat! Just think of warm, home made waffles, with ice-cream and syrup or topping of your choice! Yummy, its making my mouth water just thinking about it!