Saturday, 26 November 2011

A gluten free high tea

The first impression most people, including myself when I was first diagnosed as a coeliac, would have thought catering for a rather large event, almost impossible! Maybe one or two gluten free food would be available, but that was certainly were I thought that would stop! Last weekend, I assisted in hosting a 'Girls Night In' High Tea, the date had already been post poned due to my recent hospital stay. The messages had been sent out reinviting lovely women, both friends and family, some directly affected by cancer and some who were fortunate enough to have a few degrees of separation from this horrible disease! I was determined to provide a gluten free menu, for my blog, to show my readers that they too can host a party and have some delicious food that was entireley gluten free, and everything was handmade, nothing was processed or store brought. I wanted my readers to know that gf and allergy free parties are actually easy to cater for and don't involve eating lots of pre packaged treats filled with additives and nasty things that I would rather not know about! We had my famous gluten few brownies, the next recipe that will go up on the sweets page (they take only 5 minutes to make and 18 minutes to cook, and they are always a hit!. Then there were gluten free plain cupcakes(the recipe already features on my blog, the perfect addition to the cupcakes was a lovely royal icing recipe I received from my friend Nicci from Cupcakes In Camden, with Niccis help I made a lovely icing and Pipped some delicious ribbons and fancy swirls on my gf cupcakes! I felt very proud! I also made a delicious chocolate cake, that was found on (I'll also feature this recipe shortly), Instead of a cake, I made this moist chocolate cake into chocolate Cupcakes! The secret moist ingredient was indeed yoghurt! One of my dear friends thought that I had brought the chocolate cupcakes! I also made my coconut macroons! You may remember, I am unwell so cooking was done over, two days, with plenty of rest in-between cooking and numerous calls to rest and let my dear mother, husband, father and sister set up the lovely decorations and tables! But the gluten free cooking didn't stop there, my sister made a delicious berry cheescake, with gf chocolate biscuits as a base, and my dear mother also made passionfruit kisses, they were delicious, a sponge like texture, with a passionfruit cream icing in the middle, topped off with icing sugar (yet another recipe that will go on my blog)! There were also some petite meringues brought by a dear cousin, that added to the total of gluten free food! The only food that was not gf could have easily been made gf, there were butterfly cakes, which I could have made with my Cupcakes, scone's with jam snd cream, a recipe which already features on my blog. Mum also made a coffee walnut slice, which would with only a few variations, could be made gluten free. My Aunty also made a delicious marshmallow slice, a favorite of my late grandmothers, the only gluten is in the bottom of the slice. My mission is to find the right texture to re create an old family favorite but as gluten free, once I get the perfect mix it will be shared on the blog. My dads eldest sister had made some delicious gluten savory treats, a recipe both myself and my mother have used. It's white bread cut in circles (we use a shot glass)to create a circle, then add cream cheese and sun-dried tomtoes and basil or another alternative is cream cheese, smoked salmon and dill. To make as a gf option, you could use white gf bread, or a nice flavored gf cracker, thus not wasting expensive gf bread! As you can see it is very easy to create a gluten free menu for a 'high tea' or indeed a party. Over the next weeks I will endeavor to create party plans for children's and adults catering to gluten free needs. Please let me know if you have your own ideas, maybe a party you are planning and you need some help cooking gluten free food, or it may be another type of allergy. I can't wait to hear from my readers your thoughts on our 'High tea'and any ideas you need assistance with. Remember the only question that seems silly is the one that is not asked! I hope to share some more ideas with you, I'm thinking of something Christmas like, eatable gifts and gluten free food which can be enjoyed by all! Don't forget to follow me if you like what you read, or even more convienant, follow by email, each new blog post will be emailed to you! Also for my overseas readers particularly in the uk, my lovely in laws have got me brochures etc, of places that sell gluten free food, my dream of really making this blog truly international is coming to fruitation. One last thing, to the store holders at the Sydney gf expo, your reviews are coming, thankyou for your patience as I wait for my health to slowly get better! I can't wait to hear ideas from readers as to want you want as far as party planning etc goes, remember gluten free doesn't mean taste free or packet mix heaven or he'll ad I would call it! I can already hear your brain ticking over as you think of what Christmas dishes and party ideas you have to be transferred to gluten free!I'm excited just thi king about it.