Friday, 13 April 2012

Peoples Choice Awards

I'm very excited to announce that the Peoples Choice Awards for The Best Australian Blog Competition are now opened! It's an overwhelming feeling to have your blog entered into such a prestigious award.

The judges have voted and now it's your turn! Have your say, this is your chance to shout out for the blogs you love (hopefully mine, I can make you laugh, cry, give you information on the disease and help you cook!, what more can you ask for)! If my blog has helped you or a family member in any way, if you have used one of my recipes, if you can relate to some of my stories, please take a few moments and vote! I would be so grateful to my lovely readers who voted for me, you will make my day! Just click on the badge to vote, the badge underneath or to the side of the page. Voting closes on the 9th May 2012 at 5pm, the badge to vote will be at the side of my blog until voting stops. Unfortunately it is only open to Australian residents, I'm very sorry for my international readers!

People's Choice Award
I have a consolation for you, I'm currently running two competitions on Twitter. The 1st is to get to 500 followers, the 500th and a random follower win a custom designed and made piece of jewelry. The 2nd competition is related to the 1st and the person who re tweets the competition details the most wins a pair of custom designed and made earrings! I'm up to 445 followers, nearly there. Also you can chat to me on Twitter, I love tweeting to my readers! Any questions just email me the address is on the top of the page!