Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Heat/wheat packs a saviour

Anyone who suffers from coeliac, gluten intolerance, endo,bad periods there is a massive list of medical complaints,  know what a mean, when I say that heat packs can be a true saviour!

Many a time, I have burnt the lovely beady things in those glorious backs, stinking out the entire house, but I refuse to let Poppa Smurf, or indeed anyone else throw out my precious heat pack until I have another one. It becomes almost like a security blanket.

The relief it gives from stomach cramps and swelling is amazing, it really is a miracle, to the point where the pain almost gets as bad as it was before just in the process of waiting for it to heat up again.

Now I know they all come with warnings, not to overheat, bla bla bla (I'm sure someone who never suffered any stomach cramps wrote that), but I constantly heat mine up. And when the endo is playing up, particularly before I found out I had coeliac, I would literally burn myself with the heat pack, stomach and legs. Just because of the relief it gave me.

The other thing that I found helped was peppermint tea and peppermint tablets along with some stronger over the counter meds, if it got bad, but of course only under the recommendation of the pharmacist or doctor, please never try and self medicate or take someone elses meds, you don't know what it could do to you.

Many a time Poppa Smurf has got up and heated up my heat pack and handed me a cup of peppermint tea, and told me it will be ok. And I admit I have wandered out of bed at all hours of the night to heat up my beloved heat pack, nothing worse than waking up to a cold heat back! The pressure of the heat pack also helps ease the pain.

So the one thing that I recommend is a necessity in any household is a heat pack, at least one, the more females or coeliac suffers the more heat packs. I even make sure that my beloved heat packs goes everywhere with me (my brother in law thinks I'm addicted to it!), even on holidays, and at present there are three in my house.

So if you don't have one go straight out and get yourself a heat pack, most good chemist have them.