Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Trial the gluten and casein free diet for any child or adult on the autism spectrum

There are many often controversial theories and beliefs surrounding the success of the gluten and casein free diet on improving autism. There are a few medical professionals, one peadritcian in the Sydney area (I'm in the process if contacting this dr), who strongly beliefs in the success of the diet for autism. His waiting list is massive which clearly demonstrates the amount of parents who are desperate to try the diet, to have some improvement with their child. I've had a discussion with various health care professionals who believe in the diet, but also agree that it isn't always successful. I strongly believe that a large majority of the success of the diet is based on two things; 1) how strictly the diet is followed gluten and casein both need to be removed for the diet to be successful. Both gluten and casein are in alot of products! Simply removing bread and cows milk wont work. Gluten is in sauce, it's in chips, it's even in ice cream! If you want to see development in your child, to have them engage more, be more responsive, then you need to strictly follow the diet. See my recipe page for some ideas, (more meals will be put up shortly). 2)the degree of severity of your child's autism. If they are already responsive and are engaging, the diet may not be as successful. This diet change is about behaviour, it is always essential to ensure your child is eating fruit and vegetables and as much freshly made products as possible. Be aware that not all health care professionals will be supportive of this diet. But have strength in your decision and trial it for a few weeks and see if you see any changes in your child. You really have nothing to loose and so much to potentially gain! If you have any questions, please email me and I will do my best to point you in the right direction, via personal email I will give the peadrictians name and website. I wish you all the best in this challenge and I endeavor to provide you with more and more information about the success of this diet for autism. Please let me know how this diet goes for you and please monitor things like engagement, eye contact, response to names etc, that's the real proof if the diet is working!