Thursday, 2 June 2011

Fart humour

One of the side affects of being a coeliac, when you eat gluten you can have some rather bad wind! Now I know this might be taboo but it's a side affect and you need to have a good laugh sometimes!

I might be pushing 30 but I still find fart humour amusing. It's hard sometimes when you're a teacher and your trying to chastise an 8 yr old boy who has just 'let one rip' and you have 26 little people laughing and holding there noses, I've tried to be serious but many a time I have just started to laugh with them! Yes I am a child!

I remember talking to a girlfriend when I was waiting for test results and asking about coeliac, she had some family and friends who had it and she said you have really really bad wind! Now I wasn't as close to this friend as I am now, and I didn't feel comfortable saying 'oh god yes! That's me all the time!', I just nodded my head, interested, pretending that I didn't have that at all!!

But yes, yes, yes that definitely is me! I'm not talking a bit of a smell, the farts of a coeliac are potent, wipe you out, gas you out, make you gag! And not just for a minute, when you get the first whiff, I'm talking it lingers for ages!

My husband has walked into the bedroom and I could have let a sneaky one go at least 20 minutes prior and the smell is still lingering. He will refuse to come to bed until the smell has disappeared.

I think sometimes he forgets how potent they can be, and he will think that he can win in a farting competition. I remind him that all it takes is for me to have a mouthful of bread and I will win hands down!!

The good news is that the stinky farts go away when you stop eating gluten! And if you accidentally eat gluten the farts are usually a good indicator that you have eaten something that you shouldn't have. Unfortunately not eating gluten doesn't diminish the need to fart, that is a normal bodily function!

Apologies if my fart humour isn't to your taste, but I bet it made you smile a bit!

The recipe for the day will be posted later in the main meal section, I am a clever duck!