This page has smoothies, cocktails and fun drinks. I hope you enjoy!

Delightful Berry Smoothie.

1 banana
handful of frozen berries
2 scoops of berry frozen yoghurt
A squeeze of honey
6 pistachio nuts
A handful of ice
1/2-1 cup of light milk

Method: Break the banana into smaller pieces add to blender, add berries and frozen yoghurt. Squeeze in a small amount of honey and add the shelled pistachio nuts and ice, add milk and blend.

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Tropical Juice Smoothie

1/4 of rockmelon(USA readers I'm certain you call it Cantaloupe)
2 red flesh nectarine
Juice of 2 oranges
1 banana
Small handful of crushed nuts
A handful of ice cubes
I added a little bit of tropical juice (you can also add water)

Method: Cut rockmelon, cut nectarines (leaving skin on), squeeze the juice of 2 oranges, break the banana into smaller pieces, add the nuts and ice cubes and additional juice or water if needed. Enjoy this tropical delight xx

Mango, Banana, passionfruit, yoghurt,and pistachio Smoothie


1 large banana
1 fresh mango
1 small tub of passionfruit low fat yoghurt
6 pistachio nuts
1-2 cups of low fat milk
Handful of ice cubes


Break the banana into smaller pieces and place in blender, cut the mango and add to blender, add the tub of yoghurt, shell the pistachio nuts, cut in half and put in blender add milk (until just covering with a few cm gap the ingredients in the blender. Add a handful of ice to the blender. Blend on a low to medium speed for 20-30 seconds, check on how thick it is and if needed blend some more. Pour into either a large old fashioned milkshake cup if for one, or two smaller glasses for two people, if you use normal size glasses it will probably stretch to four!

I hope you enjoy this smoothie as much as I have.

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