Saturday, 28 January 2012

Vero Cafe

One of the most infurating things as a coeliac, if going out shopping, and the lack of selection for both snacks and lunch. Often your limited to sushi, chips ( and risk the oil, batter etc), salads (then numerous questions regarding the content of the dressing) and then there is the occassional cafe that sells a few gluten free cakes!

I don't live near the city, I am at what you could call the bottom of the Southern Highlands, a semi rural, small but expanding country town. Out here the blocks are significantly larger, and the house prices somewhat cheaper, the down side to this lifestyle is living 20-30 minutes from the nearest major shopping complex, movies, multiple restarants etc. Subsequently my selection of gf food is even less than it was before.

However, I am a frequent visitor of Narellan Town Centre (the closest shopping centre). I recently stumbled across a lovely cafe Vero Cafe, it has recently changed ownership, as I walked closer I saw the sign I love to see the gf symbol!

The first time I ate at this wonderful cafe, was for lunch with girlfriends, one of my friends mother and two prams! We carefully positioned ourself in a corner, as the cafe is on the smallish size, we didn't want to take up all the room! After we arranged our seating, I picked up the menu......

WOW!!! I was so excited, there was not only a gluten free vegetable fritta with a delicious side serving of salad, for a very reasonable price, but there was also gluten free bread available! You could choose to have the bread fresh or toasted, for only an additional $1 (considering it costs at least $5.50 for a loaf of gf bread, this is a resonable price!). I was more than happy to pay the additional dollar!

How exciting!!, I could have a toasted sandwich if I wanted! If you had asked me before I was diagnosed if I would get excited over a toasted sandwich the answer would have been NO! But gf bread is so hard to find at Cafe's, and it's so nice to feel normal, to have a simple toasted sandwich, and have the confidence that you won't get sick!

Aside from the food, the service was outstanding. I was ensured that all of the food was gf, and this was guaranteed as the owner was a coeliac and sampled the food herself! That was enough convinving for me! All our needs were met, the coffee was delicious as were all the meals.

My second visit was to sample the gf cakes and coffee. I had a delicious chocolate cheesecake, it was so cute!, in a little patty cake holder. The texture was betweem cheesecake and cake and the size was perfect! My dearest friend had the gf chocolate cake (she is not coeliac or gluten intolerant, the cake simply looked delicious!), it was simply delectable! It had a ganache type icing, and the inside was so rich and moist and yummy!! The two of us couldn't finish one piece of cake! The prices were very resonable between $4.50 and $5.50 per cake! The selection of gf cakes was also outstanding!

I have been back numerous times, in which I have tried the gf toasted sandwiches, delicious mango and pistachio macarons! Each time I visit the cafe, which is quite frequently, there seems to be a new selection of delicious gf cakes to tantilse your taste buds! I have also tried a delicious crispy asian salad, also gf free. The sizes and prices are always perfect! The coffee is a natural rainforest blend and is always made to perfection!

The final element that makes this Cafe a step above the rest, is not just the gf options, but they also take orders. That's right you read correctly! So if you fall in love with a cake, you can simply place your order and have it on a regular basis!

If you are a local, or are travelling through the Camden, Narellan, Macarthur area, I suggest you stop in at the town centre and try this wonderful Vero Cafe! I would also suggest visiting this cafe, if you are thinking of establishing your own cafe with gluten free options and use this as a base, a guideline for how to develop your own succesful gluten friendly cafe!

You will find the cafe at the Woolworths end of the Town Centre, if you have any queries you can call ahead on 4647 6001!

Enjoy and let me know how your visit is, tell them that the gluten free blogger sent you, they will know who I am! I can't wait to hear your opinion, but they get 5 stars from me!

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