Monday, 6 June 2011

What a party, what a friend

My oldest friend turned 30 last week! She had a great party with an awesome cake and a candy table!

As a coeliac you start to get used to going to party's weddings etc and not being able to eat the cake. That's one of the reason why I started baking more, so I can eat cake and take it with me to various functions. It makes me feel a little bit more 'normal' (whatever that may be).

Can you imagine my excitement when my oldest friend told me that she had ordered gluten free cupcakes, just for me at her birthday party!! She knew that I couldn't eat cakes at birthday parties etc and share in the celebrations and she wanted me to be able to celebrate just like everyone else. And I guess most importantly to celebrate with her, we have been friends since we were 8!, 22 years! Through good times and bad, laughter and tears, grief and loss. It's funny how you get a more symbolic as you get older, simple things like showing an old and dear friend just how much you care is shown in a cupcake!,

You might be thinking 'Woo bloody hoo' its only a cupcake! But this wasn't cupcakes that she cooked herself or even went to the local bakery, these were specially made Tiffany & Co themed cupcakes to match the gorgeous cake! An extra cost that really wasn't necessary and all the more appreciated because of the thought behind it.

I'm going to give credit where credit is due, Nicci from Cupcakes in Camden did an amazing job not just with the cupcakes but the main cake! The gf cupcakes were chocolate, they were awesome, so yummy and moist, and the icing, oh the icing was pure blue heaven! A true sign of a good gf cake is when you can't tell the difference between that and a gluten cake and when others eat it and can't tell the difference. Nicci has realised that there is a big market out there for not only gf cakes but gluten and dairy free (something which I will discuss in future posts). If you need a gf or indeed a gluten cake for a special occasion, I definitely recommend Nicci, not only are the cakes gorgeous, she is friendly and helpful. We are going to keep in contact and who knows what the two of us will come up with! Here is a picture of the famous cup cake.

I did mention that my friend also had a candy table! Like me when I first heard of it, you might be thinking WTF??? It was a table that was styled by the amazing owner of 'Letter D Parties and Paperie. It was a candy or lolly table set up with the Tiffany colour theme, old fashioned bottles and some fantastic candy! The best bit, particularly for big kids like me, was that the guests got to fill up their own favour box (lolly bag) with the selection of fantastic lollies! This was honestly the hit of the party! Something that the majority of guests hadn't seen before but were amazed by it and enjoyed every part of it! I haven't seen a table photographed by so many guests before! The only candy that I really couldn't eat was the licorice twists, which I loved BD (before diagnosis) but otherwise the majority of other lollies were okay. But I'm sure if a candy table is something you wanted to have you could most certainly pick the lollies that were definitely gf so you could safely enjoy all the sweets! Here is the link of the birthday girls candy table! Amazing I know!

I'm now equipped with some awesome ideas to start planning my 30th!