Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A day dream

I often dream of the day where I can go out somewhere to eat and I will be able to find something at the first restaurant/cafe I go too and not have to traipse around the 2,3,4 different places finding something that I can eat.

I went out with some friends today and had a hot chocolate to start with, the girls had raisin toast but as there was no gf options, I just stuck to the drink. After some chatting and catching up we decided it was time for lunch, I went to ask what gf lunch options there were. My first choice was the soup of the day, they had run out of soup and the only other option I could have was a salad (it was freezing cold, so not my first choice!), they girl did actually suggest at the gf cakes, the entire 2 that were available! Not actually something I would eat for lunch!

The next cafe we asked had pumpkin soup, my first question was did it have stock in it, the reply was I'm sure it doesn't but I'm not really sure??? WTF!!! I wasn't going to take the risk.

I ended up having sushi, always a safe option and opted out on the soy sauce (I'm pretty sure the little fish have gluten in them). The Sushi was great as it always is, at Narellan Town Centre for the local readers, always made fresh.

The annoying thing is its really not that hard to provide gf food, if you can do gluten sandwiches and wraps etc just buy some gf bread, charge more for it if you have too, but just to have that option would be fantastic!

It's embarrassing when you are the one who has to make everyone move around from cafe to cafe finding somewhere you can eat something at. My friends and family are very considerate and understanding (even more so since reading my blog) but I still feel bad that it is me making everyone move from place to place.

The scary thing is in Australia in the last few years the availability of gf products and food as greatly increased! I often think how fortunate I am to have been diagnosed only last year, when it is something that is understood to some degree by the general public and catered for at various supermarkets, restaurants etc (even if only to a small degree).