Monday, 8 August 2011

Nothing to eat at markets!!!!

For most people on a gluten free diet, and I imagine it would be even harder for a parent with one child on the diet, going to places like markets, fairs, shows etc is a nightmare!

I went the markets on the weekend, now granted there was one store that sold gf bread spinach and fetta, rather nice (a tad crumbly) and a few other gf treats but they were sold out, there was a health food type gf store that sold museli bars etc n gf fudge. But that's it!

Now options at markets to eat are generally the good old sausage sandwich or steak sandwich, egg and bacon roll or pies and sausage rolls! None of which a coeliac can eat! It's crazy!!! Unless there's a hot chip stand, which is rarity and if your highly allergic you risk cross contamination!

Now although I would be happy to eat fudge, it's not really a lunch option, bad enough for a grown women but who wants to be feeding their child large amounts of sugar!

I long for the day when there are gf options at these places,which would take the stress and annoyance away!

Perhaps I'm out to eventually great a world were gf isn't a rarity and you don't have to stress or take your own food when you go to certain places just so you won't starve!

Please feel free to share your annoying tales of going out with no where to eat, I'd really like to know if it's just Australia or it's the same all over the world.

Can't wait for your stories.

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