Monday, 10 October 2011

My health and a challenge to how you think!

I haven't been well thus the lack of posts, I'm actually writing this one from my hospital bed in the Nuro ward of one of Sydney's biggest hospitals! Im in here due to changes, big changes in me related to the accident! So big apologies for people who are waiting on reviews from the gf expo, they are coming, I just need to get better. The hospital catering has been great! It's actually been amazing to have every meal gf, I always check, almost like an in built paranoia and everytime it's right! But not here! I have choices, there are options and I even had hot toast! A rare thing for a hospital! Being in such a place makes you think about your life, I'm scared shitless about what I can't do, but then I hear other stories and I spent last night thinking of the plight of others. The 21 year old women who is paralyzed from a virus. I was talking to one of the lovely nurses who told me her son, who should be 20 lost his battle with cancer at 8! She felt guilty for not being there for her younger daughter, I assured her she had no choice! And there's the 52 yr old man with autism and other disabilities, who can hardly communicate and is having spinal surgery as we speak. But I think and pray for him now, it's the story of his birth his brother shared that made me horrified, as he had many disabilities the mother was told by the nurse, we can take him away to a hone, you never see him and forget you had a child! She demanded they bring him to her and the family and now a group home and family look after him! A hard life yes, but one that deserved to be lived, a human being! As far as childhood cancer, it's horrible and we try and think it just affects adults! Its ourself protection mode, it's too horrible, so we try and ignore unless it happens to us or someone close. Yesterday I was meant to be having a high tea to raise money for girls night in (a part of the cancer council)it's post poned now, but I will talk about the ugly horrible cancer that robs great parents of their children and innocent children of the majority of their life! But the reason why I write this is to stop and think about someone whose situation is worse than yours. In this fast paced world we have become so self consumed and our small problems become massive to us! Remember just how precious the gift of health is, until that gift has been taken from you and you don't have your health, and not just a cold, poor health that changes your life you really are rich! So next time you stress about the material things, that can be fixed, think for just a moment about those who are sick, who've lost a young one too early, who can't have children and realise how greatful you are; to walk, to work to drive to function normally, all things so many people take for granted. Take the time to smell the roses, watch the sun rise, appreciate your family and friends, because thankfully we don't know what's around the corner and no one is immune from poor health and bad luck! Love like there's no tomorrow, surround yourself with positive people and make every moment count. Take the time to think about those worse off than you, donate to a cancer charity, or care flight, help those who have it hardier than you. If you are living comfortably donate to a charity and help those less fortune than you, or take a walk to children's oncoology ward to put things into perspective for you. There is always someone with worse problems then you! I hope my readers are in better health than me and certainly not as bad as some others in this hospital


theKatieKitten said...

Beautiful post...Perspective reminds us that your life is what you make of it, everyday. You have to work with what you have, and be grateful that you do not have less. xo

mishaps and mayhem of a gluten free life said...

Thanks that's exactly right. Life is what you make of it, my philiosophy whenever I'm feeling down about my own situation I always think of others and how there is always other people worse off then yourself!