Monday, 24 October 2011

Missing out on cake, the not so fun part of coeliac disease!

There are so many things as a coeliac we can't eat, so many of our once favorite foods, we are now forever off our menu! On the weekend I was lucky enough to celebrate my husbands 30th birthday! I got up early to decorate the house with balloons and birthday banners! As we were going out for a small family dinner and I'm only a few days out of hospital, I had several rests throughout the day, listening to my body, so I could sit out at at a restaurant without having to leave early! During one of my rests, my lovely mum decided she would make a birthday chocolate cake for afternoon tea! Now as I was asleep, she didn't know my gf recipes, so she made the good old faithful gluten filled chocolate cake! When it cooled, it was generously smothered with chocolate icing and sprinkles (more for the benefit of my 13 month old nephew). My gorgeous husband and adorable nephew blew the candles out after we had warbles a rendition of happy birthday. Being such a young cutie,my nephew with his uncles help, got to stick his hand in the icing, yummy, yum,yum! The cake was cut and everyone but me got a piece! I did eat some icing from the bowl, but it's not the same without cake! My darling sister made an awesome caramel fudge, that was gf, for part of my husbands birthday present, so thankfully I got a small piece of fudge! While watching everyone eat mums signature chocolate cake! My disappoint and annoyance with bring a coeliac didn't stop there. ..... We went to the local favorite Thai, the best I've ver had! We ordered a banquet, and of course my husbands choice for seafood was crispy prawns, full of batter!! Prawns are my favorite!! The vegetables in the chilli jam sauce was delectable, I could only dream of how good it was with the prawns! Handy hint, if your a regular at your local thai, have a chat to them about making a gf dish! I explains my disease and after being a patron for 15+ years, we made an agreement, I would bring in rice flour on a quiet weekday night and I could have those delicious crispy prawns! I was thrilled and will definately be taking her up on the offer! My mouths watering just thinking about it! The cake fiasco continued with a caramel mudcake with candles to complement a delicious meal! In response to the second gluten filled cake of the day, I ordered a dessert, tasty but not as good as the cake looked! But I got to eat dessert! My 30th is soon and I'm ensuring there will be plenty of gf cake for me to eat! Have you missed out too many times on cake? Please share your story with us! P.s when ordering thai be aware that certain sauces my be filled with gluten, familiarize yourself with the menu and curries etc are generally ok, but it doesn't hurt to ask and you could be paying for the consequences for days after if you don't!

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