Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I'm not alone!!!

I'm so excited! Tonight I googled gf blogs, like I have done many times before and have only ever found a few! But tonight there were several from both Australia n overseas! It feels like I've finally joined a group in this rather large blogger community! I've followed and have friends who are mummy bloggers and I enjoy reading their blogs, but now almost 5 months into my blog, I have found some gluten free bloggers! It kind of feels like finally meeting the right group of friends that you click with at school! I have big aspirations for my blog, I'm proud of every reader from a multidue of countries who has read my blog and I thank them, I also hope it has helped them in some way. This blog has turned out to be rather therapeutic when I'm going through a rather challenging time in my life. My goals for my blog by next June, the 1 year anniversary is to have 100 followers! I have 11 now, but I do have alot more readers, so people please follow me, it really is very simple, just set up a profile or use an existing account. I also have a Facebook page, with 18 likes, I would also like for it to reach at least 100 likes on Facebook by June 2012! I also make a vow to meet my fellow gf bloggers and become more involved in the blogging community! I will use my blog to assist in raising money for womens cancer, next October for girls night in! I will continue to blog and create recipes and share, to research the link with improvements in autism and the gf diet, I will write restaurant reviews, making dining easier for others. I will look into cooking food that people can purchase. One day I aim to write a book with my recipes and stories. Welcome new and old readers, dont forget to follow me, I need your help to reach my goal!share this blog with your friends, for the recipes or the stories, it doesn't matter! Show me your support and I will continue to reward your support!

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