Monday, 9 January 2012

Delightful Berry Smoothie

This is the last, for a little while at least, of the Smoothie week (sorry I didn't get it posted yesterday).

Smoothies are something, that if made with the correct ingredients, such as; yoghurt, frozen yoghurt and with the addition of an abundance of fruit and nuts are quite healthy for you. If using frozen yoghurt or ice cream, just remember your smoothie won't be as healthy as you would like it to be.

I have fallen in love with the smoothie this summer, it has now became a part of my daily meal plan, I replace lunch with a delicious and healthy smoothie. They are full of antioxidants, goodness of nuts and are giving you your daily fruit and dairy intake in one.

If I get a little peckish for afternoon tea, I reach for a sesame snap snack, they are quite yummy, healthy and reach the spot, or I have a few nuts. Choosing a nut like Pistachios which you actually have to shell yourself stops you from over indulging, as you would on say perhaps cashew nuts!

I hope you enjoy this smoothie as much as I have and maybe you too can add this to your daily diet. Instead of paying lots of money for the popular shake diets, where you replace a meal with a highly processed substance, replace lunch with a delicious, natural, fresh and healthy smoothie!

Without further ado here is the delicious recipe

 Delightful Berry Smoothie.

1 banana
handful of frozen berries
 2 scoops of berry frozen yoghurt
A squeeze of honey
6 pistachio nuts
A handful of ice
1/2-1 cup of light milk

 Method: Break the banana into smaller pieces add to blender, add berries and frozen yoghurt. Squeeze in a small amount of honey and add the shelled pistachio nuts and ice, add milk and blend.

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