Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The celebrity GF Diet Fad my thoughts

If you are like me and have watched the news today, you would be aware that reality TV star Kim Kardaishan has today claimed a dramatic weight loss to a GF diet!

No Kim is not suffering from Coeliac disease, or gluten intolerance, she has deemed like a small group of USA and UK celebrity's that going gluten free is the quickest way to weight loss.

Apart from my links to the diet and the postitive benefits of autism, I and most other GF Food bloggers that will not support the recent dietery claims by this branch of celebritys that a GF diet is the best way to loose weight.

Sure I lost a little bit of weight when I went on the diet, I thought mainly I lost the bloating that was happening from constantly eating gluten. Honestly I think that celebrity's putting light on such a serious diet and an autoimmunue disease make the general public take the disease and the diet less seriously.

There are lots of benefits in eating gluten, in the grain, in the fibre and other great dietary things that you benefit from while eating gluten. Not something that I would choose to remove from my diet.

Would I choose to sit hungry at parties as the finger food does not contain anything I can eat, whould I choose a diet, that makes me walk out of restaurants as there is nothing that I can eat.

I guess the benfeit these celebrities who choose a gf diet as a diet not due to a disease or intolerance, is they can honestly eat whatever they feel like eating, without suffering from a crippling reaction which can last up to days. At most they may feel a little bloated.

But as you can see this new diet fad has made me outraged, that such shallow people would put real diseases like coeliac disease and gluten intolerance as something that is not to be given any real stance, but a focus of a fad diet,not an autoimmune disease.

Grow up celebebrity dieters, think about the real people you are affecting, think that GF is related to an actually autoimmune diease


Sami said...

I totally agree with you! I also lost 2kgs when I started going gluten free after being diagnosed as gluten intolerant, but I think it was mainly because I didn´t know what to eat and was scared to eat anything I shouldn´t. Eventually I put back those 2kgs, but of course I would rather be able to eat everything I used to eat before...

Fiona said...

I have mixed feelings about this - and yes, I have coeliac disease and have been gluten-free for nearly 7 years now.

I totally agree that when people go gluten-free simply to lose weight then they aren't helping us when it comes to perceptions of our dietary requirements in the restaurant industry. On the flip side it's possible that if celebrities make it a more popular diet, that more companies may want to produce more products for the gluten-free market and that is very much to our benefit. I live in a country where the awareness of coeliac disease is really still very low and the availability of gluten-free products is fairly restricted and restaurants haven't got a clue at all.

Mishaps and Mayhem of a Gluten Free Life said...

Sami, I totally agree with you. I think the initial weight loss of a coeliac is all about the excess fluid from all that bloating we have in our countless reactions. I would love to not go out and be the person that has to walk out of the restaurant as there is nothing to eat.

Fiona, I do agree about more restaurants etc wanting to produce more GF food even if it is in the wrong way through this fad dieting. I was amazed on the news the variety of gf food available in the USA, Australia has a long way to come. My only concern is that some restaurant owners won't realise how serious the disease is and contimation is something that shouldn't be taken lightly in any regards. The best thing that has come out of this is it has got people talking and as you said we might actually find it easier to eat at places too.

Thanks both Sami and Fiona for your input let's hope that more people are talking about coeliac disease and thinking twice about starting it as a fad diet as the bug celebrities have. A heads up to you both I have a very exciting birthday celebration coming up that I'd love for you both to be a part of so please keep checking out this site. Take care both of you and thankyou for your comments.